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Click here or the picture to watch my 1.5-min drama/comedy reel Click here or the picture to watch my 1-min comedy reel Click here or the picture to watch my 1-min drama reel

Recent News

Download my Annual Planning Blueprint

I've been using this template to plan my year and find it extremely effective. Simply go to to download it now. 

Speaking on SAG Foundation Panel

I was one of the panelists for the SAG Foundation event on Goal Setting and Strategic Planning. Watch it here

Updated Demo Reels

Thanks to my good friends over at Rapid Reelz, I have a new combo reel, new comedy reel, and new drama reel. Click the links above and enjoy. 

Actor Salon

I recently joined Actor Salon, and it's been the best thing I've done for my career in a LONG time. It's a weekly accountability and coaching group that has had me more productive than any time since moving to LA.

Completed UCB 401

I had a BLAST learning the intricacies of long-form improv, and successfully completed 401. 

LA Web Fest Nomination

The episode of Fratitude that I was in got nominated to be part of LA Web Fest. Watch it. (Spoiler alert: I get slapped)

Winner of The Actors' Network THE AWARD

I was selected as the winner of the 17th annual THE AWARD from The Actors' Network. THE AWARD is in recognition of the member who best exemplifies TAN's philosophy regarding commitment, knowledge, assistance, focus, progress, pro-activity and attitude. I'm deeply honored to have been recognized as such. 

National Communications Committee

I was chosen to serve on the National Communications Committee with SAG-AFTRA

Elected as Convention Delegate for SAG-AFTRA

I was elected as a delegate, and I served as such at the first ever SAG-AFTRA convention. 

Running for Convention Delegate for SAG-AFTRA

I'm very excited to be running as a delegate for the SAG-AFTRA convention. I'm #210 on the ballot. Please vote, your voice matters. I'm running along with my peers at Unite for Strength. I'm so excited for what is possible with our union.

Committee Chair at SAG-AFTRA

I am now the Chair of the NextGenPerformers subcommittee at SAG-AFTRA. NGP works to develop, serve and connect the emerging generation of SAG-AFTRA membership. Through social events, social media networking and community outreach, NGP creates an educated, engaged and energized union membership. 

New Release: The Coasters

Yup. I'm "That Dude." In the incredible web series, The Coasters, I star in episode 2. Check it out. Yup, I get physically harmed in this series as well...hmmm. Not sure how I feel about this trend.

New Release: Fratitude

I take a stand for my manhood in episode 3 of Fratitude.  Take a looksee. Spoiler alert: I may or may not get slapped.

Commercial Booking

Even being a former bull rider (true story) couldn't keep me on the bull to win some of Waylon Payne's chicken wings in a recent Zaxby's commercial. 

New Management: Howard Entertainment

I'm thrilled to announce that I recently signed with Howard Entertainment. Scott and Elana are amazing business partners and I'm thrilled to be working with him. If you need to get in touch regarding a project, their contact information is on my contact page.

Holly's Holiday on Lifetime

You may have recognized yours truly in a scene with Ryan McPartlin in the TV movie Holly's Holiday.

Starred in 1st Place Film

The Road to Symphony, a film I recently starred in won 1st place at The DV Challenge.

Updated Demo Reel

Click on the image above to watch my updated demo reel...I added footage from a number of projects I've done recently and I think you'll really enjoy it.

New Headshots

I recently took pics with the brilliant David Muller, and I couldn't be happier. Check them out on my actor page

Social Media 4 Actors Seminar

I'm teaching two days of classes on social media 4 actors. I've had incredible success getting representation, booking work, and building a following from social media, and I want to help you do the same. The classes are June 16 and/or 17. Full details at

Commercial Voiceover Demo

Many thanks to the multi-talented David H. Lawrence for working with me to put together my commercial voiceover demo. Click here to listen or use the player above.

New Commercial Agent!

I am utterly thrilled to be working with Kenny and Nelson over at Brick Entertainment. They are hands down two of the smartest people in Los Angeles, and I'm honored to have them on my team. 

Comedy Showcase

Was one of 18 actors at Anthony Meindl Studio to perform for the annual Winter Comedy Showcase

Booked CSI: Miami

Not only did I book the role of the lead "Occupy Beachfront" Protester on CSI: Miami (the most watched show in the world...who knew?!), but it garnered me my second award as Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2011

Spoke on Panel for Powered Relationships on Networking and Leadership

I had the fortunate opportunity to speak to over 100 students at Santa Monica College about networking and leadership in the real world. I was honored to speak on a panel with the likes of David E. Goldman, CEO of Comedy Time and Jordan Wagner, Executive Director of Generosity Water

Star in Comedic Short Film, Boss' Weekend

I recently starred in the film Boss' Weekend, produced by Wood Pictures which can be viewed on their website

Started Level 2 Classes at UCB

LOVING my improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade

Performed at The Actor's Lounge

The scene I had previously performed with the incredibly talented Jen Lilley (Criminal Minds, Castle) was selected to performed for "The Best of 2010" Actor's Lounge in December.

Sent to Network

I was 1 of 19 actors (out of 2500!) called back and sent to network on a new TBS pilot. Livin' the dream...

Horror Film Booking

Recently filmed a supporting role in a new horror film starring Golden Globe nominee Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica fame.

Life as Amyben-whitehairi-life-as-amy

I booked a role in Life as Amy, 1 of 5 winners of the AP TV Pilot Shootout sponsored by MAPID and Fox Diversity. All winners get trailer screened at ID Film Festival and winner gets to pitch project to Fox. The cast included Edie McClurg, Mampho Brescia (feat. in District 9), and comedian James P. Connolly. And yes. That's me in the wig. 

New Commercial Agent

I just signed with the lovely folks over at CESD's commercial department. I couldn't be more excited if there were a double rainbow outside my window. 

Interview with ActorCast

I was recently interviewed by the kind folks over at ActorCast. Check it out!

Screening at LA Shorts Fest

The film String Theory which I starred in, recently screened at the LA Shorts Festival to lots of laughter. :)

3-Camera Sitcom Class!

Recently completed Mary Lou Belli's on-camera 3-camera, weekend intensive. We done got our funny on.

Updated Reel!

Click the picture immediately above here to view my updated reel, featuring scenes from the movie Partners

The Dobson Files

The horrifying new web series The Dobson Files has launched. Demand it now! (I'm in it)

Website Award

A huge thanks to Marci Liroff for recognizing this site as one of the top actor websites. I'm truly honored.


Recently finished shooting the feature-length teen dramedy Javatown in March.


I will be starring with Johnny Depp in the new movie Rapscallions, about a group of renegade actuaries.


I may or may not have proffered a bald face lie in a recent post of my recent news


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Annual Planning Blueprint

As promised on the SAG Foundation panel, you can download my Annual Planning Blueprint. 

Head over to to get your free download.


"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act."
~Anatole France